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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tagged and Front Page Madness!

I was tagged by the lovely Heidi, so now I have to tell you 7 random or strange things about myself.

1. I'm extremely sensitive (perhaps allergic?) to coffee (but I can drink caffeine just fine). Coffee makes me feel shaky, sick and very nervous.

2. I have a fear of fish out of water.

3. I make one loaf of bread by hand (no mixer) every day (occasionally not a loaf, like buns or cinnamon buns instead) and am extremely passionate about bread making.

4. I take photos with my left eye because it's the only eye I can keep open with the other closed.

5. My most popular images were created when I was 15.

6. In two weeks, it is our (my boyfriend and myself) one-year anniversary.

7. Giraffes are my favourite animals.

Okay, since I don't really know any other bloggers, I'm just going to tag the first five people who read this. Haha. Post a link to your finished tagged thing to the comments.

Also, I was on the front page twice today. I cannot believe how lucky I am. Usually I am about as unlucky as a person can get, but not today. It resulted in a bunch of messages (enquiries!) and sales. Yay! It was so exciting and awesome, I just have to show off again. :D


amy said...

I wish I could make bread everyday. I'd probably gain 50lbs.

Happy anniversary to you and your boyfriend!

Congrats on making front page twice in one day, that's quite the accomplishment. I have only made it twice EVER.

Heidi said...

thanks for sharing with us :)
congrats on the double front page! there is some strange magic on that front page.. the other day this happened in a row: my card was on front page, then my treasury was on front page, then my sisters item was on front page. hehe. i was only i one treasury as well!

that is so interesting about only keeping one eye open.. this is just the kind of details i love to know about people!
coffee is yucky anyway, tea is better :P it is interesting that it is just coffee that does that though. i'm hypersensitive to all caffeine, drugs, alcohol.. some make me anxious and others have me bouncing off the walls :D
giraffes are so cool, but i wonder - do they know what their own feet look like?

Jennifer Otero said...

great blog madelaine, your work is fantastic, i've got you on my blog as a link already


chelsae said...

Hi there, caught your image through a link on etsy (sellers favorites, or something along that line) Lovely work and great imagery. Have a wonderful week, just wanted to pop by and say "WOW" :)

Miss Madelaine said...

Thank you guys so so much!

Amy, I've probably gained a bit of weight myself, but my large (haha) family consumed the majority of what I make.

heidi, very cool with the front page! It's really nice how thinks work in little sprees. And of course, tea is absolutely lovely. ♥

jennifer, thank you! I appreciate the link a lot!

chelsea, ooo! very cool. Thanks so much. :)