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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

And the winner is...

The winner of my postcards & ACEO giveaway is ArtMind! Her word was "breathtaking".

I chose the winner using to generate a number, and the comment number was the winner!

She has a beautiful etsy shop, which I urge you to check out! :D

Thank you so much to all those who entered. I appreciate it immensely. If you entered into the giveaway and would like a postcard from me, send me your name and mailing address: and I'll send you a postcard with a little message on it (so it won't be blank, but you'll have a little message from me and pretty picture to display).


green phoenix said...

Your work is quite stunning!I've just discovered it through Cuteable so am too late for the giveaway.the image of you with the leaf on your forehead is completely haunting and (vainly) has made me want to have my hair cut off too!
You have captured my imagination massively.If you are feeling tremendously kind I would love a postcard from you, (nothing ventured, nothing gained)

Best wishes,


Miss Madelaine said...

Thank you. And certainly, just send me your address:

ArtMind said...

Whoohoo! My day just started and I think this is a great start!
Thanks so much for sharing your lovely work - I'm looking forward to see it in real life soon. :)

Minna said...

Oh my I love that greeting card - how creative!

ixela said...

Congrats Art for the victory... what a great luck to get such a wonderful treasure!!!

ixela said...

... and Madelain... your artwork is really stunning and adorable!!!... MERAVIGLIOSO e FANTASTICO!!! These are the right italian words to describe all your creations!!!

amy said...

I just saw an Etsy video for Gocco printing. You were in it. How cute are you?

I am going to be decorating my first home so I will be buying a print or two from you soon.