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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thursday Night Favourites

Here are some beautiful items I have seen around etsy lately. I pick these once a week based off of what is most recent in my favourites. Click on the images to check out the item listing.

I love this photo a lot. This is the original Polaroid - a beautiful one-of-a-kind photograph. The colours muted, but powerful. And the shape of that hat is to die for. Definitely a favourite. Oh, how I wish I had lots of money to decorate my room with, as I would be picking at least one photograph from matchstickgirl's shop.

Sadly, I think most etsy vintage shops (that I've seen) have pretty bad taste (or really good taste, but they keep all the good stuff). However, GreyBrocket's etsy shop does not disappoint. You are sure to find pretty clothing, cute (bright) shoes, and lovely housewares. Plus, she has some great screen printed stuff, too!

Although I am not a huge fan of animals (very allergic) this puppy is too cute to ignore. It looks so timid and weak and adorable. The huge, far apart eyes are to die for. This is almost too much cuteness for one post. Plus, Susan Sabo (the photographer) donates 50% to whichever shelter the animal she has photographed is currently living.

Simple. Pretty. Sophisticated. The colours and composition of this beautiful little tea cup set is just lovely. The delicate little illustrations leave me feeling so warm and happy. Something I would love to have in my kitchen. Esther Coombs' work is something to keep an eye out for!


ixela said...

Esther Coombs' creations are simply stunning!!!... love them too much!!!

Pfeiffer Photos said...

Love the Esther Coombs dishes, that puppy needs a big ole' huggin', and the vintage polaroid is lovely!! ~Tina