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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Chronicle 31 - Tomorrow

The Art Group (which I am a proud member of) over at Neosynthesis launched their 31st Chronicle entitled Tomorrow. Be sure to check out all the kickass art. Including my very simple collage, which I plan to put up for sale on etsy.

(the penny in the centre has its year visible, which is 1991, the year I was born).

I am also working on designing some new business cards. I have come up with a very simple front, and on the back of the card I will have samples of my work. I'm happy with it, but feedback is always welcome.


Waterrose said...

Your business card is just perfect. Attracts you with its simplicity.

idyll hands said...

I really like it - especially because it has your age on it. I've known your shop as long as I've been on Etsy, but just tonight found out your were 17. I kept doing the math in my head. You really have a beautiful lifetime ahead of you if your doing what you're doing at 17.