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Friday, March 14, 2008

Business Card Designs - Part I

Several Etsy users were kind enough to let me use their shop name and photos to create these sample business card designs! More to come, feel free to post in my Etsy thread.

Brittain Road Designs has very clear images — hand sewn designs on white clothings — that were super easy to work with. I loved this little whale, and later decided I should include another sample of her work on the card. And so I gave the little guy some delicious ice cream. Another version I did is a little monkey with a cupcake!

If you need some clothing for little ones (friends' baby, younger sibling, your own child, etc.), Brittain Road Designs should definitely be on your list for Etsy stops!

Jeanette of Vessels & Wares makes some very pretty (and fancy) designs. I bought several plates and a tea cup and saucer from her in December, she was extremely helpful and communicative.

I was very excited to see that she had volunteered in my thread, as I am (obviously) a fan of her work, and her photos are so clean and sharp, they're a joy to work with. It was very easy to make one of her product shots into a dramatic business card buyers and potential customers would love to receive.

The font was a lucky find in my collection. I have collected about hundred fonts from around the internet that are free to use in commercial work (it's too much work to keep track of which ones I can and can't use commercially). This one had a perfect tall style to it, which I think fits perfectly.

Rebecca Hanna of hoorah, is a fabulous ink and watercolor artist with simple, retro and very refined pieces. Again, a portrait-orientation business card. I seem to really prefer making them this way.

I wanted to leave a lot of dead space to allow the card to properly portray her style (in another version, I left out the boat-making instructions). I was sure to include nice texture on the card, as textures are a very important part making art.

The text on this sample is one of my favourites — very simple and retrained. I only used one font, and think that it turned out excellently. I integrated it into the paper's texture to make it look slightly faded and not stick out lie someone simply typed over the image of her work.

Thank you for all the great feedback on my last post! And thanks again to all who've volunteered so far. If you like my style and want some custom made business card, feel free to convo me on etsy, or send me an email:


Little Lovables said...

You are so talented!!!

Field Notes said...

Wow - that 2nd one is like an ad I'd see in the New Yorker magazine. I would absolutely love to see what you'd come up with for my plantable cards.

Excellent design eye you have!

Urban Design said...

Wow, those are nice! You are really good at that. I know I said this yesterday, but, your blog is sooo pretty!

Nnairda's said...

Stumbled upon your blog through an Etsy forum. Love the design and LO. Great blog and Etsy shop.


Madelaine said...

Thank you so much! I'm so flattered. :D I had such a fun day making these cute little designs.

Urban Designs, Thanks again! I love designing things and this one was pretty straight forward.

Mary Ann said...

These cards are beautiful. Some of the best I've ever seen.

Helen said...

Oh you are way too talented. I love them all. The first one is such an eye catcher. The last one really draws you in... they are all spectacular.

Waterrose said...

You came up with very unique designs. One of the things that I notice with a lot of designers is that you can always tell their design to another. While that is good for a lot of's also nice to choose a designer that can provide a client with a design of their own. Great job, and if you want to experiment more I would be happy to see what you come up for my shop/blog.

Urit said...

Good words.