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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Photos & Roberto!

Here are some new (technically old) images I've been working on. They're all from October 4th of 2006 (back when I was 15). My dear friend, Roberto, and I went for a drive to take photos of whatever we thought was interesting. We arrived at an overlook, and next to it was this cliff that had a sign that said somethign like: "Proceed at your own Risk. Experienced Climbers Only." Well, of course we just had to go there, there was no way Roberto and I were going to miss out on something that said "at your own risk". We were soon at the bottom of the mountain, at this river. Just upstream is a tourist attraction, a pretty big waterfall, so it was cool to be so close to it without breaking any rules. This first one is called "Once Upon a Time", and is a long exposure image.

I did have my tripod with me, but I lent it to Roberto who went downstream for a bit to get some shots, so I used a boulder in the river and my coat to rest my camera on. Surprisingly, it stayed still long enough for me to get some decent shots. This second one is called "Ever After" and is (obviously) the second in the series. I simply pointed my camera to face upstream for this second shot, and it is one of my favourites to date. I am very glad I looked through the folder again today, and rediscovered it.

This one was actually one of the first ones I took. Roberto and I play soccer together, so we we were driving away, and paused for me to take this and him to get a shot in the moon (not shown in my photo) with his 200mm lens. This particular image is actually a mixture of two (like HDR), I took one image for the sky and one for the ground, so I could have a very broad range of tones and colour. I, personally, think it looks awesome.

And lastly, here's a photo of Roberto I got in November that year. We went climbing that day (and on a photo shoot, as usual). Beyond being my photography partner, he loves to climb a lot, and is a tattoo artist! You can see one of tattoos on his arm in this photo. Currently Roberto is back home, in Mexico, but I eagerly await his return. :D


Amy Esther said...

Gorgeous photos!! Love the waterfall shots - wish I could be there right now!

Amy Esther

p.s. You should get your ears pierced if you want to! It hurts, but it's shortlived...

Waterrose said...

fabulous photography!