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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Featured Etsy Purchase and Artist: Olivia from Tiddlywinks

I got a little lamb for Christmas, who I've since named "Olivia". She was made by Scottie of Tiddlywinks.

I have fallen madly in love with my adorable little Olivia. She's super soft, adorable and the perfect size to delicately hold. I have not slept one night without her since the first day I got her. The night before my SAT (exam needed to get into college) I couldn't sleep at all, and then I remembered that Olivia was sitting on my desk, I got her, and once back in bed I went to sleep so quickly (and later did excellent on my SATs, and accepted into the school I wanted). She is lovely and keeps me very happy.

So far she's traveled to New York, which was lots of fun, because she got to stay in a very old New York apartment. and walked around the block with me, tucked in my coat to stay warm.

Silas (my younger brother), who used to hate Olivia, recently has decided to like her, and even sneaked into my room to put this little sweater on her. Here is proudly showing me what he's done, as he sits on my stairs. He was very excited that his adventure was worthy of a polaroid photo (he knows they're very special because I only have a limited amount of film left).

This is a photograph I took of her sitting on a chair next to my boyfriend's window. I brought her with me to his farm and one afternoon the sun came through the window as beautiful as it always does, so I sat Olivia up on the chair next to our bed and was able to capture this beautiful moment. The sun was so pretty on her, although you can see her worn-out (but still soft) fur.

She's sitting on a beautiful tank top made by Max Studio, which I got for 50¢ at a thrift store (I don't think it was even ever worn).

You can get your own lamb or other lovely little pet from Tiddywinks — even one custom made out of fabric that has sentimental value (wedding dress, baby blanket, boy/girlfriend's shirt, etc.)

This little lady is already made and ready to go, and is available for sale in the Tiddlywinks Etsy Shop! There are tons of little to choose from, and make perfect gifts for yourself, kids or friends!

If you can't afford one, but love them nonetheless, be sure to regular the Tiddlywinks blog, as she gives one away every week!


Right As Rain Creations said...

What a great way to give insight into your life AND promote a fellow etsyan! :) I enjoyed reading this a lot!

Waterrose said...

Your blog is beautiful...good luck and I'll be back to read more as you post!

Urban Design said...

Wow, your blog looks really great! Such pretty colors and background. Great job!

decadentdiamond said...

How lovely! I just had a look at her shop and wow, I'm thinking of getting the silk and velveteen bunny ones..

Also, welcome to the world of blogging, great start and beautiful layout, love the stripey background!

amy said...

Hi Madelaine, welcome to blogging. Where do you find the time?
Silas is adorable with your sweater wearing Olivia. I think it was totally worth taking a polaroid.

amy said...

I just linked your blog to mine! :)

Madelaine said...

Thanks! Tiddywinks is highly recommended.

Thank you, Amy! I do appreciate it. :D