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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Featured Artist: emilyday

I discovered this artist quite some time ago using the Pounce (undiscovered) Feature. I have returned to her shop to be surprised that she still has not had any sales. Instead of waiting for my funds to build up to be able to buy them for myself (at those prices, how could anyone resist?!), I have decided to show you all my lovely little discovery, Miss Emily Day.

Emily is a fantastic photographer with very dramatic self-portraits.

"i'm gonna die alone and sad" is a well-composed, stark image. The lighting is strong, but soft at the same time. Black and white with red ribbon is a favourite of mine in photography. It allows for very nice contrasting, especially good for dramatic, conceptual work. If I were you, I would most certainly display this image next to my own work The Fall.

One thing I adore about her work is that there is not a face in sight! (well, half a face here and there). It makes her work ever so mysterious. I am very excited to see more of her images as she evolves in her shop and as an artist.

"who do you work for baby" features a lone, delicate, vulnerable figure in the midst of snow flakes and snow-covered evergreen trees. Being not appropriately dressed for such weather gives a nice emotional impact on the viewer, evoking feelings of both wonder and concern.

Emily's work is truly beautiful (and lonely sitting there in her shop). Go forth and conquer all there is to be had. Her prices are great (too low, in my opinion). Not your style? Well, I am certain there is someone in your life whose style that is, and everybody love gifts. Please go show your support for this new, undiscovered Etsian Artist.


Krazy Kate Designs said...

Wow, great feature and great shop.

yellowfish said...

wow, great find... I love her shop, thanks for pointing it out!

ArtsyChaos said...

Beautiful, emotional. Thanks for pointing out this amazing artist.

Madelaine said...

Thank you! I love her work so much, I just had to share!