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Friday, March 21, 2008

Business Card Designs - Part III

Tuscaloosa was my first card design client. She wanted a vintage-like theme with a flower and cowboy boots (to fit the theme in her shop). I wasn't able to make cowboy boots work (though I was willing to try more images), I showed her a proof with one of her necklaces on it instead and after one revision (adding stuff, moving stuff, etc.) she approve the image and it was sent to be printed.

The business card design printed beautifully with a smooth matte finish. I took the sample photo late at night, with poor lighting, so the photo is of pretty poor quality, but I was very happy with how they turned out.

Swan Mountain Soaps was my second business card design client. My first proof wasn't so hot, but after lots of great feedback, I was able to create the card Christina had in mind.

She wanted it to be a bit like my business cards, a luxurious, green almost vintage/Victorian look, so I got to work. Using some handwritten and paper textures, I created a card much like my own, without just dragging the same background for her card (I like to build stuff from scratch).

The beautiful swirled soaps were a perfect item to be placed in the middle of this card. The colours of the soap are bold and bright, and pop just perfectly — sure to catch the attention of her customers.

I created a matching back (which lined up perfectly with the front) with her contact info. The printed cards were amazing, also with a smooth matte finish. I'm sure she'll enjoy showing these off!

Stay tuned for more card designs! Feel free to inquire about pricing for your own custom business cards (starting at $35.00), by contacting me though etsy, or emailing me:


Gallery Juana said...

Your custom cards are well done! I can tell lots of work and talent went into the design.

Tanya said...

Beautiful work. I love the vintage feel. My fav of the two is the swan card.

Heidi said...

Hi Madelaine!
Just been having a bimble of curiosity around your new-ish blog! All looks great! Didn't know you were a designer as well as a photographer. So sweet to see my sisters print in your etsy-mini-favourites (the labyrinth print) she will be so happy when i tell her as she loves your work! :)

Madelaine said...

Heidi! How funny, I was just over at your blog commenting! And thank you, I do appreciate it. :D I'm not a real designer, I just like to pretend to be one...

Tiina is your sister?! How strange. I have been a fan of her work since i was like.. 15. From dA, to seeing her duel at Neosynthesis, and now etsy. How lovely. You two are a pair of *very* talented sisters. :D

Waterrose said...

Beautiful designs!